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Craig SS


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I have digitized poly-line from image (which = road). I would like to create line diagram and append to BH map. Had difficulty researching solution through help and forums. Need some guidance to get started.

Many Thanks

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Hi Craig SS,

In RockWorks16 you can just list the X and Y coordinates in two columns in the Utilities datasheet, and use the Utilities | Map | Polyline Maps options to display that polyline in RockPlot2D. There are simple maps and more advanced versions. Save this, then you can append it to any other 2D map you have saved, or even float/drape it in a 3D scene.

If you are using an older version of RockWorks, you can use the "AGL" import to import the polyline. Here's how:

1. Outside RockWorks, create a text file that lists the polyline vertices like this:

481870.9 4400050.3
481898.3 4400013.4
481929.4 4399967.6
481963.1 4399921.0
481993.3 4399878.5
482030.9 4399825.5
482061.3 4399783.5
482089.6 4399748.0
2. Select the Grafix | 2D Utilities | Import | AGL menu option from the main RockWorks menu.
3. Browse for the text file name and click Process, and the polyline will be displayed in the map display. You can double-click on the polyline to change the color, line style, etc. Save and append to other RK6 maps.
Hope this helps
Molly Mayfield
RockWare Inc

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