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How to color the Payzone in a curve.

Guest Tofer Lewis

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Guest Tofer Lewis

Answer: To create a payzone curve in LogPlot, do the following:

1. In the LDF use a CrossPlot Curve. On the Main Tab select a Overplot Fill (in this example the color yellow is used)

2. On the Curve 1 Tab title curve Gamma. Scaling options should be set to Linear, enter min & max values for the curve, select graphic that represents plotting from Low to High, Appears is a line (this ex. blue line), color fill is white.

3. On Curve two Title the Curve PayZone. Everything else should be the same except the Line is white rather than blue. Save this LDF. The DAT file will have the following tabs: setup, e-text, payzone, gamma. Data should be entered as normal on these tabs. The Payzone tab should only contain the interval that represent the payzone and will be colored yellow when plotted.

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