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Guest terry

Modflow Export

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Guest terry


Im asking if its possible to export an 3D lithology model to VModflow or GMS.

I find in an article that is possible to export the medel into a slices.

"For building the groundwater flow model of study area, the composite lithologic model (model 5) is used as it represents the overall configuration of study area. To obtain a well defined representation of lithologic materials, the composite lithologic model is exported as slices of 5 meters thickness. The total slices exported are found to be 36 slices which will require the MODFLOW grid discritization to be 36 layers in the vertical direction whereas the horizontal grid configuration will remain the same as used in the lithologic models. The lithologies are extracted in terms of their thickness and topography for each surface of the slices"

Attached the link of the article HELP please


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