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Chris Coleman

P-data column order changing when copying back

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Having set up my P-Data Types with specific column orders, I've pasted my values into the data sheets for my boreholes. Data fits fine in the dataset but when I go to confirm and it copies back the data has all shifted into the wrong columns. I can go back into P-Data Types and re-order by clicking on the top of the order column and this temporarly orders it back into the right columns, however everytime I come back to the borehole it has re-ordered into the wrong columns again. This means the models i'm producing are using the wrong results for the variable i've defined.

Any ideas?


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Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forum. First let me explain how the "order" field in the P-Data Types table and the visible column order relate in RockWorks16:

The "Order" field in the P-Data Types table (where the column names are defined) is assigned automatically (using integer values) as you add rows to this listing. The Order value simply defines the order in which the components are listed in the Types table, though initially it will also define the left-to-right order in which the columns are displayed in the P-Data table in the Borehole Manager.

However the Types Table order and the column order operate independently - the Types Table order is stored in the project database, and the column order is stored in the project's data dictionaries.


-> You can change the Order numbers, and hence the order of the items in the Types table, by editing the Order values. This will not automatically affect the left-to-right column sequence in the P-Data table.
-> You can click and drag the columns in the P-Data table to rearrange them within the Borehole Manger view, and that column sequence will be remembered. That rearrangement will not affect the Order number in the Types table.
-> However, if you want the P-Data column order to match the Order number in this Types table you can force that to happen: right-click on the "P-Data (Points)" button in the Borehole Manager, choose Reset Tab Columns, and the columns will be sequenced based on the Order value. So, you could edit the Order values in the Types table, choose Reset Tab Columns in the Borehole Manager and the column display would match the Order.
Note also that the displayed column sequence in the Borehole Manager will be the same for all boreholes. If you click and drag to rearrange the columns for Hole A, then they will also be rearranged for Holes B, C, etc.
To your question - if you click and drag to rearrange your P-Data columns in the Borehole Manager, and then click the Datasheet button to paste in data, then the editing datasheet should honor that column sequence both when you are editing, and when you post the data back to the database. This is what happens when I do this in revision 2013.11.13 of the program.
I would recommend:
1) Be sure you're using the latest build of the program. (please see the RockWorks16 Updates section of this forum.)
2) Make a backup of your current database (File | Backup Database), just to be safe. Never hurts.
3) Use the P-Data Types table to define the Order of the columns as you want them to be displayed in the Borehole Manager, and exit this table.
4) Right-click on the P-Data button in the Borehole Manager and choose Reset Tab Columns. The columns should arrange themselves based on the Order values.
5) Try pasting into the Datasheet again.
If you continue to have problems with this, it would be helpful to have more details and examples. Please select File | Archive Database to Text and email the resulting ZIP file to support at rockware.com with as many step-by-step details as you have the patience to describe. We'll be happy to take a look.
Molly Mayfield
RockWare Inc.

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