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Editing P-Data Types

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By mistake I labelled a P-Data type wrongly, so for some wells I have the same P-Data correctly entered as Type "X" and in other wells as wrong Type "Y". It was easy enough to move the P-Data from type "Y" to "X". However I couldn't find an efficient way of erasing the Type "Y" Column from the Borehole Manager P-Data View. I deleted Type"Y" from the P-Data Table and then had to delete the appropriate column in each well. Is there an easier way?

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You should be able to simply delete the type Y from the P-Data Types table. To Access the Types table, view the P-data table and click on the P-data Types button displayed above the datasheet. Select the type Y cell with your mouse, right click and choose "Delete a Row". If there is any data still stored for this data type, you'll get a warning about deleting data before any modifications are made to the database.

Please let me know if you have other questions.



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