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I have a solid model whose extents I would like to clip down without resampling. I want to generate a "zoomed-in" subset of the original solid model without any altering any node values.

Running Solid / Filter / Polygon Clip results in no change to the model extent; it just replaces areas outside my subset with null values. (A large empty space around my subset becomes a problem when I want to run animation reveals that portray just the subset).

The user in this 2008 post was trying to do the same thing and came up with the idea of exporting the model, manually altering the extents defined in the header of the text file, and reimporting:


Is there a better way to do this in now in RW15? And if not, can you verify whether or not the export/import method described in the 2008 thread yields a true subset of a solid model?



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There is still no way to resample the data without getting an average of the surrounding model nodes. So, I think that the idea of exporting the data to a list of XYZ values and re-interpolating the model is your best bet. I would recommend that you try using the closest point algorithm to do this. If you run into any problems, please let us know.



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