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cross sections or profiles from a solid lithology model with only one g-value

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I am interested in generating cross sections or profiles of a solid lithology model containing only 1 g-value (representing a backfilled excavation pit).

My end goal is to take these excavation area lithology cross sections and append them to my larger p-data concentration cross sections so that the excavation/backfilled area within the combined section is appropriately represented.

I can view my single g-value lithology model all right in 3D but when I try to run a profile or cross section on it, I get an error telling me "All of the g-values within the solid model are equal to 4.0", and the profile won't plot.

How do I depict my single g-value backfilled excavation pit in 2D cross sections and profiles?



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Hi Lara,

In RockWorks 15, lithology cross-sections require at least 2 different values to be displayed. RockWorks 16 does not have this limitation.

One way to resolve the problem is to add a second lithology type such as "Overburden" or "Other" to the Lithology Types table and assign a different G-Value to this lithology type. Add lithology entries for the boreholes in the cross-section and create the model and section.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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