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Problem importing litholgy data into Borehole Manager

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I am trying to import lithology from excel files into borehole manager. The file columns for a single well are Top Depth, Base Depth and Lithology Keyword.

My first step was to open a datasheet from the well/lithology tab, then import an excel file. The process screen displayed and I was asked if I wanted to change project dimensions (no) - then the screen reverted to the blank borehole manager lithology table, not the datasheet. I tried the same using the data in a text file and the same thing happened.

Next I tried to copy and paste the data from the excel file into a lithology datasheet. Last month I had no problem doing this...but now I get an error message "Could not complete writing changes. Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Integer)." At first I thought I might have wrong formats in the excel columns, but no - thicknesses are specified as numbers and lithology as general.

The data is attached as a text file

Do you have any advice? Thanks.R-151_lith.txt

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Hi d.campbell13,

To bring lithology data into the RockWorks database, you have a number of choices.

1. Bulk import via Excel (File | Import | Excel | Multiple Tables): By far the most efficient method because you can bring data in for multiple holes. Be sure the Lithology worksheet in the Excel file lists the borehole name, the depth to top, the depth to base, the lithology type, and the (optional) description. Any lithotypes not already defined in the project will be added on the fly during import.

*** Be sure that the holes already exist in the project - OR - be sure the Location worksheet is also present in the Excel file, defining those holes (name, easting, northing, etc.). You can refer to the "RockWorks data import.xlsx" file installed in the Samples folder for an example of how the data should look. You don't need to include the other worksheets (Stratigraphy, Point, etc.) if you don't have data to import.

*** Be sure the Lithology worksheet is sorted first by hole ID then by depth.

See the Help messages for detailed step-by-step instructions re: mapping the worksheets to the database during the import process, and the meaning of the different overwrite options.

2. Well-by-well: A bit of a pain because you have to do this for each hole. Click on the borehole name, and the Lithology table button. Click the Datasheet button to bring up the editing datagrid. Paste the data, as in your example, and click the Save button. Note that it appears that this tool is delivering the error you note if there is no data present for that hole when you access the editing datagrid. Until we post a fix for this, just be sure there is something in the lithology table for that hole before clicking the Datasheet button. Which truly makes this method more of a pain...

If you continue to have problems with this, feel free to email your Excel spreadsheet to support at rockware.com and we'll have a look.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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Hi d.campbell13

I wanted to let you know that the most recent build of RockWorks16, uploaded last week, has a couple of fixes which may help you do the single-sheet imports you'd originally tried:

  • The Edit as Datasheet programs available in many of the Borehole Manager tables now allow you to paste rows and columns and post the data to the database without error, even if there is not yet any data for that hole in that table.
  • The Edit as Datasheet's File | Import programs import from text and Excel and post to the database without error.

You can download the most recent build from within RockWorks itself (Help | Downloads) or via our website (Downloads | Product Updates).

Hope this helps.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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