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Color infill in striplogs

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The options available for plotting P-data (in my case wireline log data) allow you to plot L to R (min -> max) and R to L (max -> min), but it appears that the colour infill or gradient infill is always on the minimum side of the curve. Is there any way to fill in the opposite side of the curve? This convention is common when correlating gamma ray curves.

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Hi d.campbell13,

If you multiply the gamma values by -1 you can simulate the fill on the other side of the curve.

To multiply the Gamma values by -1, view the P-Data table in a Datasheet by clicking the Datasheet icon at the top of the table, and copy the Gamma values to the Clipboard. Paste the values to Excel or a Utilities datasheet, perform the calculation, and copy to the Clipboard. In the Borehole Manager, add a new P-Data Type called Gamma Neg, view the table as a Datasheet, and paste in the new values.


Tom B

RockWare Inc


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