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Adding polygons to a map

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I have a polygon (license area) that I want to include on a series of contour maps as an overlay. The contour maps cover different portions of the polygon, so no map will show the entire polygon area. The polygon was constructed from vertex coordinates -> polygon table -> Rw2d plot and displayed on Google Earth with no problems.

I initially tried appending the polygon Rw2d file to a contour map Rw2d file but the result was a large polygon with a small contour map in one corner - OK I needed to make sure the two Rw2d files cover the same area! Then I limited the polygon map area to the same coordinate range as the contour map - the result was better, but the polygon still extended outside the contour map boundaries. I then tried to clip the polygon to the contour map with the result that although the polygon did not extend outside the contour map it was shown as being closed along the border.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a simple way to construct a polygon from vertex coordinates and display on a series of maps? I don't want to draw the polygon manually.


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Hi d.campbell13,

A polygon is closed by definition. Perhaps a polyline would work better for your stated purpose.

Open the polygon table, and choose the option to plot the polygon to display it in RockPlot/2D. Click on the polygon to select it, then right-click and choose the option to Save to XY (Polyline) Table. When you plot the polyline, you will be able to clip the plot without getting the polygon closure.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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