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3D I data logs how's to plot with inclination

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How do you plot i data s with inclination In a boreholes so the data follows the logs inclination not plotting vertical down ..? Every time I plot light illy with a azimuth inclination it plots the litho logo with this inclination, I would like to plot my i data with the inclination of the borehole does can anyone explain how I can do this? .? I think I must be not clicking on the right button? Please help this driving me mad!

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I'm able to get the I-Data in the Samples project installed with the program to plot correctly, so it sounds like this might be a problem specific to your project. What version of RockWorks are you using? First, please go to Edit/ Calculate XYZ values for all Boreholes. It’s possible that the xyz values in the I-Data table were not calculated correctly.

If you continue to have problems, please back up your project through the File menu, and send the zip file created during the backup process to tech @ rockware. com. This backup file includes the database and your menu settings. Hopefully we'll be able to diagnose the problem by taking a look at these files.

Best Regards,


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