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How to increase the grid blocks?

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Hello Everyone,

As you may know, the maximum number of gird blocks that can be generated in PetraSim (ECO2M) is 99999. I wonder if there is any way to increase the grid blocks.



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TOUGH2 currently allows for 5 spaces for the element name in the ECO2M input file. Because we've chosen to use numbers to represent element names, you are limited to this number of elements in a model. We are considering switching to an alphanumeric number scheme in PetraSim 6, so that larger models can be created.

Feel free to respond with additional questions.

Best Regards,


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Thanks Alison

Actually I tried to make a grid model with up to 300,000 cells. As I expected, I got the error with following comment: "if the original source code is available, making a larger grid model would be possible" (not exactly but something like this).

Before using PetraSim, I used to work with TOUGH2-ECO2M code. Number of cells can be edited through the code but I don't know if it's possible to make any edit in PetraSim or not.

Would you please also let me know when PetraSim.6 will be released?

Sincerely yours


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