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Calculate Slope Using Surfer 8

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If I have an excavation and a point on the crest (or a bunch of crest points) and I put in a slope of 4:1 and I have a known pit bottom floor. Will Surfer be able to calculate where the slope intersects the pit floor and what the XYZ coordinates will be at the point?

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Surfer can calculate the intersection of two GRD files with Grid Math. Subtract the two GRD files, create a contour map, plot only the zero contour (thickness), export the contour to an ASCII BLN file, then use Grid Residuals to get the Z value at points along the BLN line.

However, I can't think of an easy way to create the GRD file descending at 4:1 slope from the crest points. You may be able to calculate a few points on the slope then grid them with a first order polynomial algorithm to get an inclined plane at the right slope. RockWorks can also be used to initialize a grid with a single starting point and slope, then export the grid to a Surfer GRD format.

Another option is to use the QuickSurf software inside AutoCAD to calculate the slope with the Pad Construction method in the help file.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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