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Is it possible to draw a map indicating the areas of the resource attributed to the various resource classified status ie indicated or measured as estimated and reported in the resource estimation report?



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These levels are typically based on distance qualifications that are input by the user, for example Proven reserves might be within 50m of an assay interval, Probable reserves within 100m and Inferred within 200m.

How you create this type of map really depends on whether you are doing 2 dimensional or 3D dimensional reserve estimates, and whether your boreholes are vertical or non-vertical.

If you could tell me what menu item you are using for the reserve estimate (I-Data Volumetrics? Solid Extract Solid?), I’d be happy to send you some instructions.


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I have same mentioned post by Wiaan,I have some boreholes and trenches data in gold mine

trenches are in same distances from each other but interval between boreholes is not systematic and also sampling interval not systematic

,I do i data model then I try to calculate reserve by I-Data Volumetrics please help me in this work.



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