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RockWorks EarthApps is now available!


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RockWare is happy to announce the release of the RockWorks EarthApps! You can download this free program using the following link (be sure to save the file to your computer before installing):


Check out what's new in RockWorks16:


RockWorks16 is now available with these feature levels and starting prices (visit the price page or contact RockWare for upgrade pricing); each level contains all of the lower levels.

Level 1: EarthApps, RockPlot2D, RockPlot3D, ReportWorks - FREE!

Level 2: RockWorks Utilities - $700

Level 3: Borehole Logs and Log Sections - $1500

Level 4: Borehole Modeling - $3000

Level 5: SQL support and RCL scripting - $5000

We have some new videos posted on YouTube:


Contact our support group if you have any questions!

RockWare, Inc.

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