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Display the map next to the Lithological section

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Dear all,

I tried to insert a location map next to the lithological section. The problem I faced that the map looking compressed (please have a look at the screenshot below), how to solve this issue?

one more question regarding the lithological section, how to set the interval between sections line (e.g. 3 parallel sections)?.



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If your profile diagram is being created with vertical exaggeration not equal to 1 (as set up in the Perimeter Annotation Options) then you cannot embed the map into the section diagram because it, too, will be stretched. In this case, you should create the profile location map as a separate diagram, then use ReportWorks or another page layout tool to display the images together.

If your profile is being created at a vertical exaggeration of 1, but your profile "cut" is north-south, try setting your map Border to Project Dimensions rather than Automatic. This might widen the borders to the map to make it less skinny.

Can you tell me what the profile map looks like when you display it as a separate diagram?


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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