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Error: Invalid Reference Grid

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Hi all,

when I start running the Lithology modelling an error massage pop-up :

Error: Invalid Reference Grid

The reference grid contains one or more null node values. The process must therefore be aborted.

regarding the surface Grid I used 90m SRTM digital elevation model converted into Rockworks Grid file using Global Mapper.

please how to solve this problem, should I change the grid interval of the model or the Grid file? :(

I would appreciate any advice from you

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Dear rudyabo,

It sounds like the GRD file is not a valid RockWorks GRD file. You may want to convert the SRTM to a RockWorks GRD again, and create a contour map to verify that the conversion worked.

In addition, if you are using the GRD file as an upper or lower surface filter for the model, or for warping the model, the GRD spacing will need to match the model spacing. You can change either the GRD or the Project Dimensions spacing for the solid model, as long as they match.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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