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Cross Sections from imported grid files only (no borehole data)

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Hi Rockworks,

I'm hoping to import several stratigraphy layers (grid files from Surfer) and then create cross-sections. I have NO boreholes data.

Is this possible??

Or do you need boreholes to be able to select cross-section?

Can every node from the grid files be selected to define cross section?


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Hi ldunn,

To convert Surfer GRD files to RockWorks Stratigraphy, import the GRD files via Utilities Grid | Import and save them to RockWorks GRD or RwGrd files.

Next, in the Utilities data sheet, add the name of the formation (Title), RockWare GRD file names for the top (Superface) and bottom (Subface) of each formation, and color.

Choose the Utilities Grid | Grids -> Stratigraphic Model menu command to build the model.

Refer to the help topic: Manually Building 3D Stratigraphic Diagrams for more details.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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Another option would be for you to convert the Surfer grids to RockWorks grids (as Tom has mentioned above), and then rename the grids so that they mimic grids created through the Borehole Manager Stratigraphy menu. You can then create cross-sections based on arbitrary locations within the project.

To do this, you would want a grid for the top and the base of each stratigraphic unit listed in the Stratigraphy Types Table. For example, if you have two units in the Stratigraphy Types Table called UnitA and UnitB, you would have four grids in the project directory titled:





Then, when you choose to create a stratigraphic diagram, such as a cross-section, through the Stratigraphy menu in the Borehole Manager, be sure that the “Interpolate Surfaced” option is checked OFF. The program will use the appropriately named grids in the project directly to construct the diagram.

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