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Multi-Curve Table

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I created some multi-curve tables for my logs but i was not able to gave a name to any table, so now i need to looking for the proper multi-curve table each time i need to import my data.

is it possible assign a name to those tables?

Is it possible assigner a fixed position to all tables in dat file? Each time that i open one table the sequence of table itself is changing, so I never have a table in the same position.

With kind regards,


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Hi Christian,

Unfortunately, there is not a way to assign a name to a mult-curve table. I will add your request for this feature to the suggestion file.

To fix the position of the multi-curve tab, choose the Options | System Settings menu command and remove the check mark from the option: Allow data tabs to be dragged. The tab will remain in the same position on the row, but it can move forward or back a row if there is more than one row of tabs.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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