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Good day,

I have been working on a project that has different boundaries for different datasets, although they are all correctly georeferenced. I attempted to drape a satellite image for a relatively small area over the DEM for a much larger area and realised that the image is stretched to fit to the extents of the DEM grid, thereby overriding the georeferenced location of the image. After some thought, it appears the only option is to clip the grid to the same boundaries as the image, except that the image is not orientated according to the primary axes of the grid or geographic coordinates.

My question is how to get around this situation and whether there is any way to clip the grid or force the image to remain correctly located according to it's georeferenced coordinates? It is also a concern that re-projecting the data to solve this problem will mean that significant inaccuracy could be introduced, at least of the order of the grid spacing.

I look forward to hearing if anyone has solved this?

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Dear PierreR,

The Imagery | Drape menu command does stretch the image to match the project dimensions, but you can use the Imagery | Float menu command to reference the geographic coordinates in an associated world file. The Float command will position the image at a constant elevation that you specify. The image and the data must use the same coordinate system or map projection to overlay correctly.

For a rotated image, you may be able to use the Imagery | Rectify menu command to rotate the image to match the data coordinate system.

If you provide further details and copies of the associated files to http://rockware.com/upload/ I may be able to provide further assistance.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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