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Deltagraph 6 Mac file crashes on Windows

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I have Deltagraph 6 running on both OSX Moountain Lion (Home Computer) and Windows (Work Computer).

When I try to open a file I created on the Mac in my Windows version, it just crashes with the standard Windows-crash-popup "... has stopped working". Windows then goes on to close Deltagraph.

This happens both when I open the file from Explorer or from within Deltagraph.

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Hi DrMaphuse,

What version specifically of DeltaGraph 6 are you using? It might need to be updated and you can do that from within the program.

Also, do you have the latest version of QuickTime? You will also need that for Windows to run DeltaGraph 6.

May I ask for the file in question that you are using?

Jeremy RockWare, Inc.

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