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Calculating the volumetrics for the soil types of a slope

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Hello all,

I'm a new user of RockWorks15 and I have a question regarding the programm.

I have already created a lithology model of given boreholes. Now i want to calculate the volume for different soil types of an idealized slope in a specific part of the model (see attachment). Which is the easiest way to create the slope?

My first guess was to create an upper and a lower grid and intersect them so that only the slope remains in the model. Unfortunetly there's no DEM of the new landscape available, so i have to create the grid by hand. Actually I am using the grid editor to create the upper grid but this method is very elaborate. Is there an easier way to mesh the 4 corners of the idealized slope with different elevations to build the grid? Or do you know another method to caculate the volume of the different soil types of the slope?

In case I have not explained the problem very well, please let me know.




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I would recommend that you put together a list of xyz values that define points along the new slope surface, and use triangulation to construct the surface. This is probably most easily done through the Map --> Grid-Base Map menu in the Utilities.

If you can define a point along the new slope, along with a strike and dip, a planar surface can also be created through the Grid --> Initialize menu (also in the Utilities).

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Best Regards,


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