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Borehole Elevations and modeling

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How should I account for having two elevations for each monitoring well (ground surface, top of casing) when creating different models? Aquifer models use top of casing, lithologic sections use ground surface. Currently I use the top of casing elevations in creating a surface grid but that causes display issues when creating a lithologic section.



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Hi Stephen,

The Collar Offset field is an optional field that is available for user filtering and labeling, but does not affect the Elevation field reference in the Location table.

A relatively easy way to handle the two elevation references is to have separate projects for the different types of data that reference a different elevation.

Another way is to add an optional field for the Top of Casing Elevation, use the Borehole Manager File | Transfer to send the Location table fields to the Utilities datasheet, swap the elevations, then use the Utilities File | Transfer to send the changed elevations back to the Borehole Manager database.

We hope to add this feature to the next major version of RockWorks later this year.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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