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logarithmic scale for Gas data

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I am a staff geologist for a mud-logging company. We recently noted that one of our competitors was using logarithmic scales for their gas data on their mud-logs. My boss liked the way this looked and wants us to switch to this methods of presentation. I attempted to use a log we had from a previous job and switch the template design to have logarithmic values in the gas column but it didn't work. I am sure the how-to is only a few steps but I thought it would be faster and simpler if I just asked for help instead of experimenting until I figured it out or went mad.

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Welcome to the forum!

You simply need to go to the Design tab, open the log design to be modified, and double-click on the curve column you want to change. (If you have stacked curve columns and can't click on a buried one, you can use the Edit | View Entity List window to choose the column to edit.) In the Curve Column Setup window, check the Logarithmic option in the Scaling section, and choose the min-max in terms of logarithmic cycles (1-1000, 2-20000, etc.). If you have value grid lines turned on, they'll change to log spacing.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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