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Default date issue

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I've imported Excel sheet by using Import-tool in File > Import > XLS (Excel Sheet). While importing RockWorks tells there 56 import errors, but if I want to see the log file it's just an empty text file.

But I just ignore and keep on importing. I want the dimensions to fixed to my project. That works fine when I scan all boreholes.

Then I go to Map > Borehole Locations ...
I want to do some changes in Borehole Symbol + Label Options. But when I'm finished it's comes up with following error:
" '14-Feb-07' is not a valid date. "

I've tried to change all the possible dates in my data, but nothing seems to work.

I hope you will be able to answer my question since I'm pretty stuck.

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Hi Remfeldt,

Welcome to the forum.

You need to be sure that the format of the dates you are importing use the same format as that which is established in Windows. The RockWorks database will use the date format which is established under the Windows Control Panel / Regional Settings.

You can check the original Excel data and re-import. Or you can export just the Location and T-Data and/or Water Level tables back out to Excel, adjust the dates, and then re-import. (The T-Data and Water Level sheets are those that contain date fields.)

If you are still stuck, please email tech @ rockware.com with the spreadsheet you imported; be sure to specify the language and date format that are established in Windows.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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Hi Molly,

Thank you!

I had no informations in the Excel's tabs, so I wasn't paying attention to those cells. But when I changed the date format it seems to work. Thanks alot!

BR Remfeldt

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