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Rockware crashes when saving 3D plot

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I recently have experienced crashes when I made a 3D plot and then try to save it. This only happens if the file already exists (i.e. if I want to replace a saved plot). Any ideas why this might happen?


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Do you get an error message when the program crashes? If you see a "bug report" window, please use the Send Bug Report button to email us a copy of this - it tells us what is happening in the program when the error occurs. Please address the information to tech @ rockware.com. (You can also save the bug report as a text file that you can attach to an email.) It would also be helpful to know what is in the RockPlot3D scene (send us the R3DXML file if you can) and if you are saving this to a local or network project folder.


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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