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I-Data Profile diagram restriction

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I am creating a profile diagram between 2 wells for DNAPL concentration. One well has I-data down to 90 feet and the other one only has data down to 80 feet. Is there a way to restrict the 80 to 90 foot area so that the lack of data is represented? I would still like to show some of the contours from the well with 90 foot data so I was thinking something like a sloped line in between the wells that cuts off the contours.



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You can clip the solid model that is used during the profile creation using a grid that represents the base elevations of the boreholes.

To do this, you'll have to re-create the model, so be sure that "Create New Model" is selected when you are re-creating the profile. This tool is available under the Solid Modeling Options dialogue under Model Constraints. You should enable the Lower Surface Filter and start out by choosing the Automatic option. Also, I would recommend a buffer size of 0.

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