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I have an on going project using rockworks, and have input around 500 wells with lithology information taken from historical well driller logs. I have recently acquired a shapefile that contains that elevation of the base of the dolomite layer that underlies my entire work area. I am wondering if there is a way to get this information into the software without manually changing all 500 lithology tables. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank You,


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Hi JPGraham,

Here is the procedure that I would use.

  1. Add the Dolomite layer to the Stratigraphy Types table.
  2. Load the 3D SHP file into the RockWorks Utilities data sheet. Save the ATD file.
  3. Create a GRD file from the XYZ data with Map | Grid-Based Map.
  4. In the Borehole Manager, transfer the Stratigraphy to the Utilities data sheet with the File | Transfer | Stratigraphy -> Utilities Datagrid.
  5. Calculate the values at the borehole locations with Grid | Statistics | Residuals.
  6. Substitute the elevations in the proper column.
  7. Transfer the results from Utilities to the Borehole Manager with the File | Transfer | Stratigraphy -> Borehole Manager menu command.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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