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A component named "xx" already exists

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The I-Data, I-Text, T-Data, P-Data, and P-Text tables in RockWorks support multiple columns for each depth point or depth interval. These column names are defined in the corresponding "Types" table in the RockWorks project database. For example, in the Samples folder, the P-Data table contains the columns "Gamma" and "Resistivity" for recording of those downhole data types. These names are defined in the P-Data Types table. You can define any number of Types for these tables.

You do NOT need to define the Depth column(s) in these Types tables - they are defined automatically by the program. And, importantly, if you DO define "Depth" as one of your column headings in the Types table, you're going to get an error because this is a pre-defined (reserved) field name. The first error that you'll typically see is "A component named xx already exists" where xx is the name you've entered. If you try the Reset Tab Columns menu option, you'll also get an Access Violation error.

The solution is simple: Just open the affected Types table and delete the reserved name (such as "Depth"), or change it to one of the actual data types, or even to "undefined". Close the Types table, and you should be able to access the data table without error.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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