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Areas and scale - Surfer

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I am a new user of Surfer plotting farm fields and features.

I am contemplating to upgrade to Surfer 11, but before doing so, I need to establish whether I can calculate and display field areas in hectares from latitude-longitude inputs.

In addition I want to display the scale in kilometers on the map.

Is this posssible with Surfer 8, or with Surfer 11?

Your help will be appreciated


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Hi Johandev,

Surfer 8 does not have the ability to convert from latitude/longitude to a Cartesian projection that will display area in hectares, but Surfer 11 has this feature.

Set the map projection to one that uses meters, and area will be displayed in square meters. Divide by 10000 to get hectares.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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