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Leandro G. K.

Solid intersection volume

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I'm new to Rockworks (and I'm also not a fluent in English speaker, so please excuse me in case I do not express myself correctly).

I would like to know if its possible to use Rockworks to calculate the volume of an intersection of a solid model (such as a tunnel), and each lithologic/stratigraphic unit individually.

In case I do have a tunnel model in .dxf format, is there a way I can use it directly?


Leandro G. Kuhlmann

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Hi Leandro,

Your English is excellent! I just hope I understand your question.

I think the answer is "yes". This assumes the following:

1. You have lithology data entered into the Borehole Manager, and you have used Lithology | Model to create a block model (also called "solid model" in RockWorks) to represent these materials across the project area. This type of model is a 3D array of regularly-spaced nodes which have been interpolated to represent the lithology material types, based on known data from scattered boreholes. Block models are stored in .MOD files.

And/or, if you have stratigraphic data entered into the Borehole Manager, then you have used the Stratigraphy | Model menu option to create a stratigraphy model AND you have requested the Save Model option to save a block-model (.MOD) version of the stratigraphic layers.

2. You have a listing of X1Y1Z1, X2Y2Z2, and radius data entered into the Utilities datasheet, defining the location and radius of the tunnel segments. This is the required format of "tubes" in RockWorks. Getting this format from your DXF file will depend on how it is structured.

If you have these items - an input block model and a tunnel definition - then you can use the Solid | Filter | Tube Filter to filter the Lithology or Stratigraphy .MOD file, setting the nodes outside the tunnel to null. The result will be the lithology or stratigraphy within the tunnel. When you view the resulting model in RockPlot3D (probably as an all-voxel display), you can filter the display based on "G" value (corresponding to the lithology or formation type), and you'll see the volume of the visible materials displayed there.

You can also run the .MOD file through the Lithology | Volumetrics or Stratigraphy | Volumetrics (Based on Solid Models) options to get a report showing volumes of each material type at an increment that you define.

We actually posted a similar theme as a "tip" in our December Newsletter - this one described tunnels and fracture models. (http://www.rockware.com/assets/monthly_announcements/web_dec12_announcement.html#tips)

hope this helps!

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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Thank you Molly,

That was just what I was trying to do!

But I would like to ask you another question. We often have projects that use a tunneling shield, in this cases the method you just described would apply perfectly; but in other cases we use NATM, in that cases the tunnel shape is not exactly a cylinder. Is there a way to use a custom tunnel shape?

Thank's again,

Leandro G. Kuhlmann

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