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cross section and I data i interpolation

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I am new user of Rockworks, I have imported approx. 90 BHs with all information UCS, RQD...etc. then I have built sections with lithlogy. But now we would like to built cross section showing the UCS and RQD, which interpolation you will recommed? and what are the steps?

Thank you.


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Hi Mouad,

The algorithm that you choose for your solid model depends on how your data are spatially distributed. If there is a horizontal trend to the data, then the Inverse-Distance (Anisotropic) method is a good choice. If there is no trend to the data, the the Inverse Distance (Isotropic) is a good method. The Solid Modeling Options dialog box illustrates the differences in the models.


Solid Modeling options for Isotropic and Anisotropic data trends.

I suggest trying one and seeing how it works out.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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