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turn off cage outline on 3D model display

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I am trying to render a 3D solid model with some design elements similar to the very nicely done graphic you have created here:


The first element I'd like to incorporate is turning off the perimeter cage outline in the front panels so as not to block any of the plume, but I cannot seem to do this. Even with the entire Perimeter Cage tuned off, I am still getting some sort of a cage outline that won't go away (see attached screen shot). I thought it might be just related to internal RockPlot display, but it also shows up in exported .jpgs.

How do I turn this element off so that I can begin selecting only the back perimeter cage panels to display like you have done in your example?

I am running RockWorks 15 2012.11.28 on a Windows 7 machine.



post-9882-022379000 1354175697_thumb.jpg

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Hi Lara,

I guess what you still see is the "Outline" of the "Solid Model". Double click "Solid Model" in the "Data" pane on the left and uncheck the "Plot Outline" in the middle of the dialog that shows up.


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