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I-Data Plan Maps: Getting Statistical Information

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A customer recently posted the following question to our support group:

After I have constructed a model in I-Data and then plotted a plan map of one of the vertical intervals, how can I derive the statistics of

the blocks in the plan map?

One method is to extract the same slice being displayed in the plan map as a 2D grid model, and then run the statistics on the GRD file. Here's how:

1. Select I-Data | Plan Map to create a new block model or read an existing block model (.MOD file), and create the contour map of the selected elevation slice from the 3D model.

2. Now, go to the Utilities portion of the RockWorks program.

3. Select the Solid | Convert | Extract Grid menu option.

4. Ignore the "Input Columns" prompts on the far left side of the window.

5. Set the Input Model name to the I-Data block model or ".MOD" file.

6. Set the Output Model to a GRD name of your choice.

7. Choose Horizontal for the slice orientation.

8. Uncheck the 2D Map option (since you already have your plan map from Step 1.) (I should note here that this menu option creates much the same 2D contour map of the slice as the Borehole Manager's Plan map, but with different symbol and label annotation options.)

9. Click Process.

10. Select the elevation level that you created in the Plan Map above.

11. Now, go to the Utilities Grid | Statistics | Report menu to generate a statistical report on the contents of the GRD file. Or, use the Histogram option to view the data distribution in a frequency histogram.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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