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tetrad format error on file

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I'm trying to open a Petrasim file created by another user with an as yet unknown (though probably recent) version of Petrasim. I'm using version 4.2.1118. When I try to open the file it complains "Simulator mode TOUGH does not match file mod TETRAD". The user tells me that they don't have a TETRAD mode option on their Petrasim version, and that they are using the TOUGH mode. Is there some way to change the file format so that my Petrasim version can understand the file?

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Unfortunately, there is no way to create a TETRAD SIM file using the TOUGH2 interface in version 4.2 of PetraSim. Depending on their licensing situation, they may be able to switch from the TOUGH2 to the TETRAD module by going to File --> General Preferences, selecting the TETRAD simualator, and then going to File --> New. You are welcome to contact me with additional questions about licensing at [email protected]



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