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I have two questions, please help if you can:

Firstly I'm trying to create a stratigraphic model of an area near the Dead Sea which composes of grey sediments, halite salt, aragonite and gypsum. Everything would be great if these evaporites were continuous units but they're not, they're actually lenses. Is there a way of showing this? They are shown fine on the lithology model.

Secondly, what are my options for importing 3D files such as from GIS, the import option in Rockplot3D only has and option for DXF. files.

Thanking you in advance,

Yours Sincerely,

Hollie Fisher

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Hi Hollie,

Stratigraphic layers must be consistent in order between boreholes, and they cannot repeat within a single hole. They can, however, pinch out. To achieve pinchouts, you need to list the missing formation in proper sequence in the hole, but with no thickness. Example:

0 10 FormationA

10 25 FormationB

25 25 FormationC

25 37 FormationD

This gives the program more information about where the unit "should" be as it is creating the surface models. You may need to fiddle with the gridding options to be sure that the surfaces truly pinch out; you can also use the Hide Thin Zones in the stratigraphy model options. Please see the topics about "missing formations" in the Help messages for more information. For data-specific advice please address your questions (and include your data, via Project | Archive Database to ASCII) to support at rockware.com.

If you need just the shape of the GIS entity, then 3D DXF is the only option at this time. You can import Shapefiles into the RockPlot2D viewing window. You can also import the data from the Shapefile into the Utilities datasheet.

Best regards,

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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