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ERROR Reading "C:\"-Out of Memory

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I am running RockWorks/2004 and whenever saving and trying to reopen a saved *.xml file, I retrieve an error stating Error reading "C:\"-Out of Memory. This especially occurs when I try to develop a 3D lithology or pdata model using an isosurface to create the solid diagram. However, when I use all voxels to develop the diagram, I do not get an Out of Memory error message. For the intentions of my work I would like to use the isosurface.

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Hi again ckapa,

How many X, Y, and Z nodes are there in the lithology or p-data solid model? If you interpolate a less-dense model, does the memory error go away? (You can use the Utilities Solid / Statistics / Report menu option to scan an existing .MOD file and show a summary of the model stats.)

If the memory error does not go away when you reduce the density of the model, another thing to try is to open a blank RockPlot3D window (using the toobar button on the left side of the program window) and select Edit / Reset Defaults. This should reset any goofy RockPlot3D Reference item settings.

If the problem continues, please send us a zip file containing the .MOD and .XML files and we'll take a look (to support at rockware.com).


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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Hi Molly,

The models for the pdata and lithology have an x and y spacing set at 25 (with 183 Xnodes and 159 Ynodes) and a 0.25 spacing for z (249 Znodes). Prior to developing this reduced spacing, I developed a model that had a spacing of 50 for x and y, which didn't cause me any problems when developing the *.xml file. I tried the option of reseting the defaults for RockPlot/3D but still had the same error statement. Is there another way to keep my model at the same node spacing and resolve the memory issue or is the memory issue associated with the RAM on my computer?

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