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Batch printing boring logs

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Is there a way to batch print boring logs, rather than opening each file, then printing each log individually? If so, how?


How can I set the length of each boring log printed to a page. For example, if I have a 50' boring log, for legibility I want it printed only 25' per page. How can I do this?



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Hi SSchmidt,

Are you using RockWorks or LogPlot for your boring logs? Detailed boring logs, with headers and footers and flexible log designs, plotted at specific vertical scale over single or multiple pages, with batch compiling and printing, are all the domain of LogPlot.

RockWorks creates much simpler logs designed for project-wide display in diagrams such as cross sections, profiles, or 3D fence diagrams. You can write a script to export your RockWorks logs (.PNG, .JPG, etc.), and you can define the horizontal vertical scales; we don't have scripts for printing.

If you are using LogPlot please refer to this forum posting which deals with PDF printing, but could apply to a physical printer as well:


If you are using RockWorks and need information about the scripting options, please refer to the RCL documentation in the Help messages (Reference section). There is also an RCL tutorial on our RockWorks support website:


Note that for exporting Rockworks diagrams, you'll use the RCL commands generated via the Grafix | 2D Utilities | Export menus, which mimic those you access from RockPlot2D.

If you have data-specific questions, please address your inquiry to our support email: support at rockware.com


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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