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I have a study area of about these dimensions:

X = 32 Kilometers

Y = 32 Kilometers

with z minimum of about -350 m and z maximun of 100 meters (total depth 450 m). What x,y,z spacing do you suggest to use? (i want to have a good dense solid model, but an easy to manipulate file also)

P.S : I read in the manual

"Establish your Project Dimensions (page 99). For lithology models, be sure the X and

Y spacing for the nodes is half the average minimum distance between your boreholes,

or closer. Be sure the Z (elevation) spacing of the nodes is no greater than the smallest

sampling interval in the Lithology data, so that the materials will show up in the


Is this a quick way - through rockworks software- to determine the average minimum distance between my boreholes?


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