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Report Quality Figures...examples or tips

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Wondering if anyone has examples of report quality figures (ie. nice title block and legend, scales, north arrow, etc)that they could share. I find it particulary difficult to control legend text and pattern/hatch scales with different figure layouts. I guess the easiest way I have found to make nice looking figures is just to export content at 1:1 to dxf and redo hatches and so on in autocad.

anyone have any other tips or experience to share with making presentable figures in rockworks.



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Hi Damien,

RockWorks 15 comes with a rudimentary example for use in the ReportWorks section of the program. The file name is rept_legend.rw6. In the example below, I used the drawing tools to add a rectangle and some lines around the title box.


Use ReportWorks to add a title box.

I don't have any other saved examples, but you can create an example layout in the Help | Tutorials | ReportWorks section of the help file.


Use the ReportWorks tutorial to create a sample layout.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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