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Guest Richard H

Stereostat Crashes

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Guest Richard H

I am running Stereostat 1.6 to plot paleocurrent data. Every time I try to save a plot (stereonet or rose diagram) the program completely crashes.

I'm running stereostat on Windows 7 via Parallels 6 on a Mac. I use stereostat to export Adobe Illustrator plots. It always worked in the past with parallels but with an older version of stereostat. Any help would be appreciated. I've duplicated the crashing on multiple machines, fyi.


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Hi Richard,

When you are saving the plot, could you try typing in the AI file extension? We had another customer causing a crash when trying to save a stereonet plot to a GDF file.

If you continue to have problems, it would be helpful if you could send me your file so that I can try to reproduce this myself.



[email protected]

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