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Lithology model - superface or what you see?

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I've build a lithology model.

Now I need to evaluate the material upper top most map (2d) as I would see it from an airplane.

I tried the superface map but it doesn't appear to me the right answer.



material C

material R


material R

material C

I would like to have a map of the upper most material. So C around A e R around B. I'm not interested in thickness, but preferably boolean values or missing value if I'm mapping the other material.

Any suggestion?

Thank you.

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Hi Daniele,

It sounds like you are looking for the Lithology | Surface Map not the Superface map.

The Lithology Surface Map can create a 2D map representing the lithology with the intersection of the ground surface.

The Superface map creates a grid file on the shallowest occurrence of a specified lithology.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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