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Plotting p-data in striplogs

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Is it possible to plot p-data on a 2-d striplog using just a symbol to represent the point data without a line connecting the points. also is it possible to overlay p-data or i-data plots on top of one another using the same scale similar to logplot options.


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Hi dgonsman,

RockWorks does not currently offer symbol (no-line) curves - but I'll add it to the wish-list.

You can overlay columns in RockWorks by modifying the Left Margin setting. Let's say you have P-Data #1 to the left of P-Data #2, and both have a Column Width of 1.0. By setting the Left Margin of P-Data #2 to -1.0, it will overlay the #1 column. Sometimes I leave the Column Perimeter or Background Subdivisions turned on for the first pass to be sure they're lining up right, then turn them off for my final log to avoid plotting unnecessary overlays.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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