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Importing From Excel

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I am in a sort of unique position. I spent last summer drilling about 100+ wells and recording well logs in the field. Then, I created a custom well log template in excel, and created files for each of the 100+ wells. Now, my employer has purchased LogPlot and would like me to create well logs in LogPlot. However, I am resigning in two weeks! Creating these well logs is my top priority before leaving. I am hoping to expedite the process by importing my existing files from excel. I'm happy to do the legwork myself, meaning reading tutorials and playing around with the software to figure this out. BUT, I thought it might be good to check in with folks here to see if this is simply too complicated and time consuming to learn in such a limited amount of time.

So far, I have briefly read the tutorial section on importing from excel. It recommends creating a logplot project that would represent what I want as the finished product, then exporting to excel, then you have a template and can arrange the excel files accordingly.

So, any advice? Do you think it would be faster, given my limited timeframe, to use a LogPlot template and just manually enter all of the data myself, or will it be faster to spend the time fine-tuning the import/export process? I attached an example of the excel well logs I have to give an example of my starting point(saved as pdf but you should be able to visualize how it would look in excel).

My goal for the final well log would be to have a scale bar, lithology, color (with option to add secondary color), several text columns (one each for presence of roots, minerals, redox, consistency/feel, general notes), and a well construction diagram.

Thanks a lot for any advice you can offer!


Well Log Example.pdf

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I have started by using the Enviro-Geotech 6 as a template, because it most closely matches my desired output.

I've been going through and changing the header static-text entities (column labels) in the design file to match the column labels I want for my data.

First problem: Some of the column labels in the header of the enviro-geotech file have one static text field, for example: Hyd ppm (two words but on one line). I would like to alter it to have two static text fields, for example: Sand %, where these are on two lines and therefore are two separate static text fields. BUT, every time I try to add a second static text field, it just doesn't show up. I am choosing the 'Static Text' entity, clicking in the header section where I want it, inputting the text value, pressing apply, but it just doesn't show up.

I hope this makes sense. If anyone could explain whether it is possible to add additional static text entities to an existing logplot design template (in my case, enviro-geotech 6) I would really appreciate it!


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Hi Matt,

A couple of suggestions:

1. Create the log design first. This is blueprint of how you want the log to look - the types of data displayed and their names. Modifying one of the Sample designs is a good idea. File / Save the design (LDFX file).

2. Use the Design window's Data / Create Data Template. This creates a new data tab with all of the worksheets needed for each design entity, with the designated Name. In your example, you'd have a Lithology datasheet, text datasheets, well construction datasheet, etc.

3. Put into this new data file some bogus data or actual data for a borehole. File / Save the data (DAT file).

4. Choose File / Export / Excel to export this data to Excel. You'll see an Excel worksheet for each of the LP datasheets.

5. Enter the data in this format for the additional holes. You can list data for multiple holes in the spreadsheet.

6. Use the File/ Import / Excel to import all of the data for all of the holes. Voila!

7. Compile the logs individually. Or compile all the logs at once (requires they use the same vertical scale). Or compile using a batch.

For project/data specific questions, please send your inquiries to our support email: [email protected]


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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