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RockWorks15 - 2012.3.13


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We've posted a new build of RockWorks15 to our website, with the following fixes/changes:

+ The data sheets now honor the Reminders setting.
+ Color Legends for grids where all values are null no longer cause an error.
+ The contour interval for grids created using distance to point now uses 1 tenth of the project diagonal to calculate the contour interval.
+ The RCL Log file is no longer reset when a script is called from within another script.
+ The RCL error log ("rcl_errors.txt") has been merged with the RockWorks program log ("rockworks_log.txt").
+ The Help system's index file ("rockworks15.chw") is now installed in the main program Help folder to prevent the Help window from freezing up on systems where users don't have permission to create the .CHW file on the fly.

To download the latest version of RockWorks15, please follow these steps:
1. Click on this link:
(outdated link removed)
2. Save the file to your local computer (e.g. desktop).
3. When the download has completed, you can run the installation. Do not uninstall RockWorks first, if it already exists on your computer.
4. When the installation has completed, you can start up the RockWorks15 program.

Molly Mayfield
RockWare Inc

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