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Best Hardware for Rockworks 15?

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Currently I am working with Rockworks 15 on my desktop PC and it takes a lot of time for the modlling of solid models and the rendering of the 3D Pictures.

I have Windows 7, 32bit, 4GB Ram, 2.5 GHz.

In the next weeks we will propably get a new order were we have to handel a lot of data. So I am thinking about to upgrade my hardware and to buy a notebook were i can also work with Rockworks. Do you have any recommendations/specifications for a good and fast desktop PC and a powerfull Laptop?

Will Rockworks 15 run faster on Windows 7 with 64bit?

What kind of graphic chip can you recommend for a Notebook?

Will an Intel core I7 run better than an I5?

Is 4GB Ram enough or will i fell a diference with 6 or 8 GB Ram?

Thank you very much.


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RockWorks won't run any faster on a 64bit OS or with more than 4GB of RAM since its a 32bit application. However running 64bit OS with more RAM will be helpful if you're running multiple applications at the same time.

We used to recommend against the on board video cards since some of them weren't very good at running OpenGL applications. This hasn't been an issue with newer computers and you will only see small gains with a dedicated card from NVidia or Radeon chip sets.

An I7 will be faster then an I5 but you'll be hard pressed to notice a difference. You'll get more bang for your buck from more RAM.

If your new data sets are very large you might consider using MS SQL as your database. You can use the free MS SQL Express version and it's pretty easy to transfer your old projects and create new projects that use MS SQL.

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