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I can't import data (ASCII or XLS) in the Borehole manager

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I'm using Rockworks/15 Complete Revision 2012.1.24

I have a new project open and trying to import data into it.

I goto File>Import>ASCII Click no for backup

choose single file (which I have attached)

click checkbox it has a column

Rockware recognizes all the fields

I click ok

it then asks if I want to update project dimensions based on the new data. However, there is nothing in the borehole data manager window. I can click yes or no, once it's done there is still no data. What am I doing wrong?

P.S. my original project is much longer/more complicated. I've just simplified it to a point where I now think the software is broke. I have never tried to mass import data until now.


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I think the problem might lie with the automatic mapping that the ASCII importer may be doing. Since the borehole name is listed with an "API" column heading, RockWorks is probably automatically mapping this to the "API" field in the database. Instead, it needs to be mapped to the "Name" field, since that is the key field (and is the borehole name). I used the settings in the attached image, and the records imported okay.

post-3-029413200 1327510418_thumb.jpg

If you have additional, data-specific questions, it may be easier to send them directly to us at [email protected]


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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I usually use only excel file to import the data into the rockworks, and maybe is better if you only select one type for the coodinate system, and you create the "columna" i dont kwon how to traslate, for each.



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