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cross section only By DEM(SRTM) and 2D geological map

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can I build a cross section only By DEM and 2D geological map? and I knew it is not scientific and exact but this cross section or maybe 3D model can help me in my analysis

one software GSI3D claim can do it well

Is it possible to build it by Rockwork v15 ?


Mohammad Mohseni Aref

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RockWorks can do sections, fences and models based on grids representing tops but if you're talking about a classical geological map of surface Geology there wouldn't be any way to generate subsurface structure.

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Where you know/imagine how deep the lithological/stratigraphic units go you can just make a "virtual" borehole. For me it basically comes down to this:

- How large is the area?

- Is it very complex?

- Are there many faults?

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We can assume our region is not complex and our precision is not important,I guess the best way is "virtual borehole"

Could you explain more about this topic

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Hi Mohseni,

- By "virtual borehole", Olafsson probably means that you can add data points as boreholes in the Borehole Manager. Enter a unique ID, XY location, elevation, and a non-zero total depth in the Location table. If you enter surface data, use a small value of 0.01 prevent the program from warning you about a TD = 0.

In the Stratigraphy table, enter the formation contact and depth. Define the formation names, colors, patterns and order in the Stratigraphy Types Table.

- If you do not have any boreholes, you may prefer to create your formation surfaces in the RockWorks Utilities datasheet. Use separate columns for X, Y, and formation elevation above sea level. Create GRD files for each formation top with the Map | Grid-Based Map menu command. If you use the Stratigraphy naming convention for the top and base of each formation (e.g. formation1_top.grd and formation1_base.grd), you can use the tools in the Borehole Manager to build and display a Stratigraphic model, fence, section, or profile, or use the tools in the Utilities Grid menu. Choose a menu item to view the help topics for that item.

Let me know if you have further questions.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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