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LogPlot Freezing Up

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Hi all,

Throwing a line out there to see if any can offer their wisdom on my problem.

I have encountered some glitchy behaviour. Specifically, clicking in any data table region to enter data will freeze the program completely.

From the outset, would this be an update issue, a configuration issue, or something else entirely?

I'm a fresh user and a search of this forum probably wasn't thorough enough, but I'd appreciate any help that could be offered.


Matt Turner

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Hi Matt,

If you're entering data into a secondary window - like a Description window that pops up when you double-click in the Description cell in a Lithology tab - could it be that the window is being displayed off the screen thus making the program appear frozen? This is not uncommon when you go from a dual monitor system to a single screen.

The next time the program does this, try these steps:

1. Hold down the Alt key and press the Spacebar on your keyboard. Do you see a small menu pop up along the edge of your screen?

2. If so, type the letter M (for Move), and use the keyboard's arrow keys to move the window right or left as appropriate so that it's visible on your active screen.

If this does not help, please let me know what you are doing in the program before the program freezes (what specific data tab are you working in, etc.).


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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Thankyou, that fixed the problem. It was a rookie error of my own; not having configured my remote desktop correctly!

I really appreciate your quick reply, and I'm thankful it wasn't a real problem!


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