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Vertical extension of 3D models and cells + Customed Mesh

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Hi there,

I'd like to know three things:

1st - If TOUGH is able to calculate 3D models with vertical extension from +3600 m abs (above sea level) to -1000 m abs. If so, what that implies on the hydraulic head.

To simplify the calculations and the interpretation of the results, should I switch the vertical extension of my model from +3600/-1000 m abs to 0/-4600 m?

2nd - How can I modify the vertical extension of a cell if I have already created all the layers and the mesh (Say I have a cell with a vertical dimension of 1000 meters, but I need to change this value to 200).

3rd - If it is possible to create an xy mesh like the one I have drawn in the bitmap image attached.

So far I was able to create only an xy mesh like the one I have drawn in the right side of the attached image.

Thank you very much in advance

Best regards


xy mesh.bmp

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